Phone Grab

This is the most common way to use CacheCam.

Here's all you do:

  1. Compose an SMS/Text Message with your request, using this format:

    <Waypoint⁄URL>, <User-ID>, <Reply-to>

    <Waypoint⁄URL> is your preset waypoint, or, the webcam address *required*
    <User-ID> is your CacheCam user ID *optional*
    <Reply-to> is the address the image will be sent to *optional*


    • WP1
    • GCJPW1, roger,
  2. Send this message to

  3. Pose for the camera!

Or, need a different grab method?

Email Grab

Web Grab

Real Time Alerts

While handling your request, CacheCam will send these alert messages to your mobile phone:

  • "Grab of <Waypoint⁄URL> started"
  • "CacheCam got it!"

Real Life Example

Imagine yourself planning a visit to New York's Times Square and want to have your picture taken at the "New York Minute" webcam cache. As a registered user, you preset a waypoint "NYM" in your profile with the URL "".

Then, upon arrival, you position yourself in view of the webcam, and send the following SMS/Text Message from your mobile phone to


Within a few seconds CacheCam will reply with a "Grab started" message. Then, generally in less than a minute – depending on how often the webcam image is updated – you will receive another alert saying "CacheCam got it!"

At that point, your grabbed image is now available in the Recent Grabs section of

Real Life Example – Part II

Even if you haven't registered with CacheCam, you can still get the image, and have the image sent directly to you via email. You simply include a <Reply-to> address.

Instead of sending only "" as your request, you would use:,

Now, in addition to the image being available on, a copy of the image will also be sent directly to!

See the FAQ and the How CacheCam Works section on the About page for more information.

Useful Tips

  • If you are registered, and you don't give a User ID in your request message, CacheCam will try to find your User ID by examining your phone's email address (generally in the form of If that email address matches either your Reply-to or Alert-to profile settings, CacheCam will be able to lookup your waypoints and other profile settings. This allows you to omit your User ID.

  • As a registered user, CacheCam will lookup the Waypoint's URL from your profile when you give a Waypoint instead of an URL, and CacheCam will use the default grab settings from your profile unless you specify something else in the request.

  • If you include the Reply-to element in your request it will override your default Reply-to setting for this grab.

  • If you haven't yet registered with CacheCam, you might want to create a saved template in your phone with the email address and your <Reply-to> email address already in place. Then when you're ready for a grab, all you have to do is insert the webcam's image URL and send the message.

  • How to send SMS/Text Messages may vary depending on your equipment and your mobile service provider. Check your equipment documentation and service provider's instructions for the correct way to compose and send internet email via SMS/Text Messaging on your device.

  • Any device that is capable of sending internet email can be used to make a CacheCam request. You may use any tool or device you have available, in addition to mobile phones with SMS/Text Messaging capabilities. See the FAQ for complete details.

NOTE: By using CacheCam, you indicate your agreement to the terms of our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

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