Web Grab

Web Grab is an alternate way to use CacheCam.

Here's all that's needed:
<Waypoint⁄URL>: your preset waypoint, or, the webcam address *required*
User-ID: your CacheCam user ID *optional*
Reply-to Email: the address the image will be sent to *optional*
Alert-to Email: the address status alerts will be sent to *optional*
Delay: the number of minutes CacheCam will wait before starting the grab *optional*

Or, need a different grab method?

Phone Grab

Email Grab

Real Time Alerts

While handling your request, CacheCam will send the following alert messages to the <Alert-to> address, if given, or to the Alert-to setting in your profile:

  • "Grab of <Waypoint⁄URL> starts in <Delay> minutes"
  • "Grab of <Waypoint⁄URL> started"
  • "CacheCam got it!"

Real Life Example

Imagine yourself in Paris and want to have your picture taken at the "Bonjour de Paris" webcam cache. Your nearby hotel has a lobby computer for the use of guests. Due to concerns you have about entering your email name and password to access your web-based email server on this public machine, you choose to anonymously use the CacheCam Web Grab.

You simply enter the URL:

and a Delay of "5" into the CacheCam Web Grab form.

Noting the current time on your watch, you walk to the courtyard and get into position. After your 5 minute delay period is over, you hold your pose for a minute, allowing CacheCam time to get your image, and then you return to the hotel.

At that point, your grabbed image will be available in the Recent Grabs section of

See the FAQ and the How CacheCam Works section on the About page for more information.

Real Life Example - Part II

As a registered user, it is even easier. If you already have a waypoint preset named "PARIS" with this URL, for example, and your default grab settings tell CacheCam where to send the grabbed image, and to send grab status alert messages to your mobile phone, then you only need to fill out the Waypoint⁄URL and User-ID fields.

You simply enter the Waypoint:


and your User-ID into the CacheCam Web Grab form.

If the Alert-to and Reply-to default grab settings are preset in your profile, you will receive updates on the progress of the grab on your phone, and the image will be emailed to your email address, without having to include that information in the request form.

See the How CacheCam Works section on the About page for more information.

Useful Tips:

  • If you want to use a preset Waypoint from your profile, you must also include the <User-ID> element.

  • If you include your User ID in the request, the default grab settings from your profile will also be used, unless your provide something else in the request form.

  • When using Web Grab from, say, an internet cafe, it makes sense to include the <Delay> element. This will allow you time to get into position after sending the grab request.

NOTE: By using CacheCam, you indicate your agreement to the terms of our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

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